Todosion is the Lienion cloud based app for todo and task management. With Todosion you can create, manage and follow-up todos, tasks and stories. 

Create a todo, assign the todo to yourself or to someone else like a colleague or maybe a customer or supplier. Define the priority of your todo, select the type of todo and if wanted add a deadline so everyone knows by when the todo should be handled. You can create recurring todos so repeating tasks will not be forgotten. And if you want to assign the same task to several people you simply create one todo and assign the todo to multiple persons. 

Todos created? Now you can follow-up and manage your todos. Use one of the overview and filtering options of Todosion like 'by priority', 'by team', 'by person', 'by type', ... or check the handy calendar overview to see by when a todo needs to be closed.

Follow-up closely the status of todos, change the status of the todo or add feedback. Get notified each time the status of the todo is changed or feedback is added. Always stay informed and in control with Todosion!






> Create todos, tasks or stories <

> Create a normal, private or personal todo <

> Create recurring todos <

> Define the priority, type and deadline of your todo <

> Assign todos to a team or a person <

> Assign a todo to multiple persons <

> Assign a (Agile/scrum) weight to a todo <

> Add a description to a todo <

> Add attachments to a todo <

> Create brother/sister todos <

> Create parent todos <

> Create child todos <

> Follow-up todos in the 'by priority' overview <

> Follow-up todos in the 'by status' overview <

> Follow-up todos in the 'by person' overview <

> Follow-up todos in the 'by team' overview <

> Follow-up todos in the 'by deadline' overview <

> Check out the todos in the handy calendar <

> Add feedback to a todo <

> Change the status, priority, deadline, ... of a todo <

> Version control, all changes are tracked and shown <

> Export todos to a csv file <

> Import todos from HP Quality Center <

> Extremely easy to use <

> Advanced search functionality <

> Notifications and real time updates <

> Centrally managed access rights <

> Secure and confidential environment <

> Combine with other Lienion apps like Shoution, Tempion, Todosion, Releasion, ... <






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