A real corporate social network

Shoution is the social networking, sharing and collaborating app of Lienion.

Shoution is a dedicated social network for your company, institution, administration or organisation. Shoution combines the flexibility and easiness of use of a common social network with the requirements and demands of a professional environment like confidentiality, control, asset protection, access rights, ...

Some users call it the 'Facebook' for corporate and company use, but we call it Shoution!

Connect and collaborate

Shoution facilitates team collaboration, connects people, employees, stakeholders and resources and enables them to actively work together. Create teams (e.g. a project team) or groups (e.g. all employees of one location). Connect and collaborate with an individual colleague or with a project team or multiple teams. Easily join forces with your team in one dedicated place.

Ah, and interesting to know is that you can define who is allowed to create teams. Allow everyone to create teams, assign team creation rights to specific staff members or keep full control by creating teams on company level.

Share and communicate

Share with just one click documents, images, albums, ideas, links, learnings, meeting minutes, instructions, ...

Share your company news to one or multiple teams, employees or groups without breaking a sweat. Or use the Shoution message board to share important company announcements.

Ah, and extremely handy are the automated shouts. Activate automatically generated shouts like birthday wishes, service recognitions, national holiday announcements, ... Never miss sharing important company information again!

Engage and participate

Bring practical insights to your business, processes or operations by creating and managing interactive polls. Measure engagement, get feedback through follow up surveys and move to the next plan of action. Boost your employee engagement with factual quiz sessions and competitions.

Participate with giving feedback or comments on shouts and shared information. And show your appreciation by liking a shout.

Easy access to all shared information

Sharing information is one thing, having access to the shared information in an easy way is another thing.

Use the dedicated and handy overviews with search function to get easy access to all the information shared with you. There are overviews for shared documents, albums, links and videos. 


A spotlight on some features!

The Lienion apps come with lots of exciting features. Let's put the spotlights on some of them!

Feature in the spotlight
Share documents with Shoution

Collaborating and interacting with team members or colleagues often involves sharing of documents with them.

Use Shoution to share in a few simple steps all kinds of documents in different formats (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, …) directly with your team, colleagues, stakeholders, ...

Feature in the spotlight
The Shoution message board

The Shoution message board is the digital version of the old school message board you usually found in cafeterias, locker rooms and receptions.

Use the Shoution message board to deliver important or special announcements to all or to a select group of people like a team, a customer, …

Feature in the spotlight
Ask for opinions with a Shoution poll

With the integrated poll feature of Shoution you can launch polls asking for the opinion of a team, a selected group of employees, …

Created polls appear automatically in the Shoution feed of the selected participants who can participate with one click.  And when the poll has ended, you share the results with one click.

Features loved by our customers

We asked our customers which Lienion feature they prefer and like the most.

Features or apps loved by our users
The quiz feature of Shoution
Pierre L, team lead development

One of the features of Lienion I love the most is the quiz feature of Shoution.

As a team lead development, I use this quiz feature to challenge and increase the knowledge and skill building of my team members. Every 2 weeks I organise a quiz focused on another topic (e.g. security, coding standards, …). And my team loves it!

Features or apps loved by our users
Posting a shout in Shoution
Lucas V, HR assistant

My favourite Lienion feature is absolutely the ‘posting a shout’ feature of Shoution.

As an HR assistant I regularly need to send all kind of information to our employees or to one or more departments or teams. In the past I sent this information via email, now I am using Shoution, which is much more efficient. It goes faster and the impact is much higher.

Features or apps loved by our users
The Shoution app
Sophia T, junior marketeer

My favourite Lienion app? That’s easy … it is Shoution!

I started working for my company in March 2020. Rings a bell? Indeed, the first Covid-19 lock down. I worked for 2 weeks in the office and since then I am working from home. Thanks to the Shoution app I was able to connect with many of my colleagues in different countries.

Your social networking, sharing, engaging and collaborating app. Connect, share, communicate, collaborate, and engage.

Social networking, engaging, sharing and collaborating

Shoution (noun) - derived from the English verb 'to shout'. A shout in Shoution is a message (a post).

Connect, collaborate, engage and share information with co-workers, colleagues, customers and stakeholders. Engage employees with integrated polls, quizzes, questions and competitions. Communicate efficiently and with ease! Shout out to one team, multiple teams, or just a colleague. Share documents, images, hyperlinks, emotions, ...


There is a Shoution app for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone (Android & iOS).

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