A powerful and flexible project management solution

Releasion is the Lienion app to manage, plan and follow-up your projects. It is powerful, flexible and you can use your preferred methodology to organise your project, be it Agile, Waterfall or IPLS.

Define project phases, create sprints, manage releases, keep track of your backlog, follow-up your change register, …

Keep full control on your projects!

Be Agile, be Scrum

You love to work the Agile way? Releasion is optimized and ideal to use Agile for your project management.

Define epics, user stories and tasks. Create your sprints and your sprint planning, add user stories to your sprints, assign weights, manage your backlog, and collaborate and interact with your project team.

Track the progress of your project and your sprints in clear and structured overviews, kanban, scrum boards and burndown charts.

Follow the flow of Waterfall or embrace IPLS

You prefer to use the Waterfall methodology for handling your project? No problem, you can!

And if you are following the IPLS concept to manage your projects, you can also use Releasion. You can even create your IPLS development train in a few simple steps.

Release management at its best

Releasion comes with an advanced release management feature. You want to prepare a release? Use a predefined release template or create your custom-made release plan including involved persons, detailed timings, roll back scenario, release check list, overview of the topics/stories to be released and the test suites linked to the release.

You are executing a release? Keep all stakeholders up to date on the progress with the automatically generated notifications. And once your release is executed, the release notes are created automatically!

Ah, and not to forget, keep track of your upcoming releases in the special Releasion release calendar.

Be in control of your backlog and change register

Use Releasion to maintain your (product) backlogs in an efficient way. Know at any moment what you still need to do or could do.

Keep track of all the requested changes with managing your change requests in a transparent change register.


A spotlight on some features!

The Lienion apps come with lots of exciting features. Let's put the spotlights on some of them!

Feature in the spotlight
Drag & drop user stories on the Scrum board in Releasion

You follow the agile methodology and want to track and update the progress of a sprint on a Scrum board?

With Releasion you can change the status of your user stories on a Scrum board with drag & drop!

Feature in the spotlight
Create a detailed roll back scenario for your releases in Releasion

An important part of a release plan is the roll back scenario which you activate in case something goes wrong during the execution of a release.

Create your roll back scenario from a template or from scratch. Define all the steps of your roll back, the notifications, responsible person, timings, …

Feature in the spotlight
Track your sprint progress on a burn down chart in Releasion

The burndown chart is a graphic representation that shows for your sprint the rate at which user stories are completed and how much work still needs to be done.

Releasion comes with a burndown chart for every sprint with weighted user stories.


Features loved by our customers

We asked our customers which Lienion feature they prefer and like the most.

Features or apps loved by our users
The automatic release notes in Releasion
Gerard S, project manager

One of my favourites as a project manager is the automatic release notes creation in Releasion.

Many project managers know the feeling. You work with your team on launching that next release in time. And you succeed! But then you still need to create the release notes to inform all stakeholders …  The automatic release notes creation of Releasion does it for you.

Features or apps loved by our users
Backlog management in Releasion
Olivia A, scrum master

One of my favourite features is the backlog management of Releasion.

I am a scrum master and I need to keep track of all user stories that still need to be done on sprint but also project or product level. The backlog management of Releasion on sprint and project (product) level really helps me in doing so.

Features or apps loved by our users
The release calendar in Releasion
Chen D, director product management

The release calendar of Releasion is one of my favourite features.

As a director product management of a tech company, I am responsible for many technology products. Thanks to the release calendar in Releasion showing all planned releases in a handy overview, I can follow-up the product releases my teams will execute.

Your project, sprint and release management app. Define, plan, follow-up, track, and manage your projects, sprints and releases.

Project, sprint and release management app

Releasion (noun) - derived from the English noun 'a release' which means 'the action of making a product available to the public'.

Get a head start with managing your projects. Create, organise, and plan your projects using your favorite methodology, be it Agile, Waterfall or IPLS. Track the progress with kanban, scrum boards, and burndown charts. Manage sprint overviews, backlog, release and change management.


There is a Releasion app for desktop and laptop.

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