A customizable todo and task management solution

Todosion is a highly customizable and powerful todo and task management solution.

Use the pre-defined categories, priority levels and workflows or define your own. You can even define categories, priority levels and workflows on team and project level. Logical of course as it often happens that the categories, priority levels and workflows of an HR team are different than the ones of a marketing, sales or development team.

Give full control to your teams with customized workflows, priority levels and todo categories on team and project level.

An inbuilt support ticket management solution

Todosion comes with an integrated support ticket management solution (ITSM).

Gather your support tickets on your own website making use of our customizable Todosion i-frame or ask your customers to create their support ticket directly in Todosion.

Turn support tickets with one click into a todo or task. Define the appropriate priority level, select the category (with linked workflow) and assign the support ticket to the appropriate support agent.

Create and prioritize

Create and prioritize todos for yourself,  colleagues or full teams. Select the category, define the priority level and the deadline. Add a description and if required upload attachments.

Divide your todos into business, personal or private tasks. Structure your todos, tasks and user stories as parent / child / sibling todos in case they have to be in line with another set of related todos, tasks or user stories.

Ah, and very handy is the recurring todo feature. And not to forget, the multiple person todo creation option. Use this option to create one todo and assign it to multiple persons. A unique todo will be created for each assigned person.

Plan and follow-up

Add your todos to your personal planning or use Releasion to group them in sprints or project phases.

Follow-up todos in handy overviews like 'My todos' and 'Todos added by me'. Use the filter options to view todos by deadline, priority, status, category or type. Consult the Todosion calendar to see the todos with a deadline in one of the coming days or weeks.

Ah, and if you want, activate the todosion notifications. You can even define for which status change you want to get an email notification or if you want to get informed when a deadline of a todo is approaching.

Control and feedback

Todosion comes with automatic version control. Each edit, change or update of a todo will be tracked automatically and stored in a transparent overview.

Use the feedback option to provide or request feedback to a todo, task or user story. And if you want to inform others about a todo, use the integrated mail feature.



A spotlight on some features!

The Lienion apps come with lots of exciting features. Let's put the spotlights on some of them!

Feature in the spotlight
Define the visibility of your todo with Todosion

You work on a project with your customers or colleagues, and all have in all transparency access to every todo. Perfect of course.

But it can always happen that there is that one todo you prefer not to make visible for everyone. With Todosion you define with one click the visibility of your todo. Choose between visible for all or visible for employees only.

Feature in the spotlight
Create recurring todos with Todosion

We all know them, the todos that come back with a regular time interval. Every week, or every month or maybe every year … you need to tackle the same todo.

With Todosion you can create recurring todos. You create the todo, you define the occurrences of the todo and automatically unique todos are created based on the defined occurrences.

Feature in the spotlight
Make a personal planning in Todosion

Getting todos assigned to you is one thing. Ensuring that you handle them in a timely matter is another thing.

Todosion comes with a personal planning feature. Every user can create and maintain a personal planning in Todosion. Select a date and start adding the todos you want to complete by the selected date. 

Features loved by our customers

We asked our customers which Lienion feature they prefer and like the most.

Features or apps loved by our users
Todos added by me in Todosion
Sowmya D, finance director

I love the ‘Todos added by me’ feature in Todosion. And there is a simple reason for it.

As a finance director I am assigning many todos to me team members. With the ‘Todos added by me’ feature I can see in an instance the status of the work I delegated. And I never forget that I assigned work (which happened in the past often when I sent tasks via email).

Features or apps loved by our users
My personal planning in Todosion
Adil R, app developer

I really depend on the 'My personal planning' feature in Todosion.

I am working in a team of several app developers and we really depend on each other's progress. Meeting deadlines is key. So, it is crucial that I manage my work. To do so, I add my todos to my personal planning in Todosion.

Features or apps loved by our users
Adding feedback in Todosion
Emma B, senior marketeer

I love many features of Lienion but if I need to choose one, it is the feedback feature in Todosion.

Why? As a senior marketeer I follow-up the creation of lots of marketing materials involving colleagues and marketing agencies. With the feedback feature I can give and follow-up all feedback in a traceable and transparent way.

Your todos, tasks, user stories and support ticket management app. Create, prioritize, plan, assign, control, and organize your todos, tasks, user stories and support tickets.

Todo, task, user story and support ticket management app

Todosion (noun) - derived from the English noun 'a todo'. A todo in Todosion can be a task, a support ticket, an epic, a user story, ...

Never be overwhelmed anymore with todos, tasks, user stories and support tickets but be on top of them. With Todosion you get your todos, tasks, user stories and support tickets done in a swift and highly efficient manner. Manage your workload with Todosion: create, plan, prioritize, assign, organize, control, and manage your todos, tasks, user stories and support tickets.


There is a Todosion app for desktop and laptop.

Use Todosion on your desktop    Use Todosion on your laptop