A true learning management system (LMS)

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young.’ (quote of Henry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company). And Trenion is the perfect software tool to keep your staff, employees or customers young. Trenion is a true learning management system (LMS).

Create, plan and follow-up single or multiple training sessions with mandatory, suggested, and optional participants. Assign trainers and allow them to interact directly, communicate and share training materials with your training participants before and after the training sessions.


Train, test and certify

Create tests, exams or exercises and link them to your training sessions.

Reward participants with certificates of following your training sessions or successfully passing the tests, exams or exercises of your training sessions.

Trainer’s corner

Each trainer has his/her dedicated trainer’s corner where he/she can manage and follow-up his/her training sessions, participants, training materials, …

Ah, and when you use Shoution, trainers can create teams in Shoution to communicate, interact, connect and share training materials with the participants of his/her training.

Integrated competence and skill centre

Trenion comes with an integrated competence and skills centre where you can manage and track your employees' talents, skills and expertise.

Invite participants based on their competences, skills, experience, function, ... Make training sessions mandatory, recommended or optional based on these competences, skills, experience, function, …

Get your training info and subscribe, all in a click

Potential participants get all their training information in a clear overview at one place. Mandatory trainings, optional trainings, recommended (or suggested) trainings, all can be viewed in a click. Just as subscribing to a training session can be done with a click.

Ah, and interesting to know is that you can even announce training sessions in Shoution, directly to your target group. Participants can subscribe via Shoution and even post a shout about their participation to encourage others to participate as well. 


A spotlight on some features!

The Lienion apps come with lots of exciting features. Let's put the spotlights on some of them!

Feature in the spotlight
Manage your training session waiting list in Trenion

One of your training sessions is having more interested participants than there are training seats available?

No worries, Trenion will create automatically a waiting list.

Feature in the spotlight
Clone a training session in Trenion

You have a successful training and you want to organise the training again?

Use the cloning feature of Trenion to reorganise the training session in no time. Clone the training, make the required changes (e.g. new location, new date, ...) and publish your training session. 

Feature in the spotlight
Create trainings with multiple sessions in Trenion

It happens often that a training requires more than one session.

With Trenion you can easily create a training with multiple training sessions. For each training session you can define the location, the trainer, the timings, ...

Features loved by our customers

We asked our customers which Lienion feature they prefer and like the most.

Features or apps loved by our users
The trainer's corner of Trenion
Sabine D, professional trainer

I really like the trainer’s corner of Trenion.

I am a professional trainer working for a multinational in FMCG, and I give training sessions on almost a daily base. Thanks to the trainer’s corner I can manage my trainings, participants, share training materials, organise tests and so much more.

Features or apps loved by our users
Function & skill based invitations with Trenion
Marc M, training manager

My favourite feature? The function and skill-based invitation feature of Trenion!

As a training manager of a logistics company with warehouses and offices in 15 countries and profiles ranging from employees picking orders to team leads and directors, the function and skill-based invitation feature of Trenion is simply amazing!

Features or apps loved by our users
The interaction with my trainers in Trenion
Angelo K, junior consultant

Interacting directly with my trainers in Trenion is one of my preferred features!

Following training and acquiring knowledge is key in my career plan. I recently started as a junior consultant, so I still have a lot to learn. Thanks to Trenion in combination with Shoution I can really interact with my trainers, before and after the training session.

Your training and competence management app. Organize trainings and manage your employee's competences and skills.

Training, skills and competence management app

Trenion (noun) - derived from the English noun 'training' which means 'the action of teaching a person a particular skill or behaviour'.

Organise and professionalize your training program, boost and manage your employees’ skills and competences. Trenion is a powerful learning management system (LMS) to create, plan and follow-up training sessions, assign trainers and interact directly with participants. Invite participants based on competences, experience, … and manage their competences and skills in the integrated competence and skills centre.


There is a Trenion app for desktop and laptop.

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