Timesheet management

Time flies and tracking what you did with your time can be very useful, whether it is for billing purposes, making an analysis of work done, measuring your efficiency, ….

Use Tempion to maintain and update your timesheets and keep track of your time.

Complete your time sheets manually or select todos, tasks, user stories and even sprints you have been working on thanks to the seamless integration with Todosion and Releasion.

Start and stop working with QR code scanning

Start or stop your working day at the office or at home by scanning the Tempion QR code with the Tempion app for smartphones.  It is even possible to update your time sheets by scanning the QR code of a todo, task or user story.

Ah, and if you want to define the locations from where your staff can use the QR code scanning to start or stop working, you can even activate the geofencing feature of the QR code scanning.

Track your employees' well-being with Niko Niko

Thanks to the integrated Niko Niko feature, your employees and team members are asked to record at the end of the working day their mood by selecting one of the 3 Niko Niko smileys: ‘I am happy’ (a green smiley), ‘I am ok’ (a yellow smiley) and ‘I am unhappy’ (a red smiley).  A perfect way to track in an instance the overall well-being of your team(s) and employees.

Ah, nice to know: Niko is a Japanese word and means ‘smile’ and Niko Niko refers to ‘smiley’.

Streamline your holiday and (sick) leave management process

With Tempion you can streamline and manage your holiday and (sick) leave management process.

It is simple but efficient. Employees request a holiday or a (sick) leave.  The reporting manager gets a notification of the request and can approve or disapprove with one click. He/she can even add a comment or feedback. Once the request is approved or disapproved, the requesting employee is automatically notified.

Ah, and very handy is that once a holiday or (sick) leave request is approved, it automatically gets added to the employee's timesheet.


A spotlight on some features!

The Lienion apps come with lots of exciting features. Let's put the spotlights on some of them!

Feature in the spotlight
Approve a holiday request with a click in Tempion

One of your team members submitted a holiday request? Approve the holiday request with one click in your manage holiday request overview.

And thanks to the automatic email notification when you need to approve a holiday request in Tempion, you will never miss a request anymore.

Feature in the spotlight
Start working with scanning a QR code with the Tempion mobile app

Start working has never been so easy with the Tempion mobile app for smartphones. Simply scan a QR code and start working.

And of course, the same applies for stop working at the end of your working day. Scan the QR code and stop working.

Feature in the spotlight
Activate the geofencing feature of Tempion

You want to define where your employees can use the integrated QR code scanning to start or stop working?

Then activate the geofencing feature of the Tempion mobile app for smartphones. Only in defined areas your employees will be able to use the QR code scanning to start or stop working.

Features loved by our customers

We asked our customers which Lienion feature they prefer and like the most.

Features or apps loved by our users
The Niko Niko updates in Tempion
Pablo F, CEO

I love the Niko Niko updates of Tempion.

As a CEO of a company with almost 500 employees in 5 countries, the Niko Niko mood updates give me a daily impression of the overall well-being of my employees. Extremely important, especially when many work from home.

Features or apps loved by our users
Requesting a holiday in Tempion
Juliana E, junior office assistant

My favourite Lienion feature? Requesting a holiday in Tempion.

Since we use Lienion, requesting a holiday really became easy. In a few clicks it is done. What a difference with the ‘before Lienion time’ where I needed to complete a kind of form in Excel, save it and mail it to my manager with HR in cc …

Features or apps loved by our users
The QR code scanning of Tempion
Bjorn C, technical field operator

Without a doubt, my favourite is the QR code scanning of todos when creating timesheets.

As a technical field operator, I work daily on many todos at different locations. I arrive at a customer, scan the QR code of the todo I will be working on with the Tempion app, and automatically it is added to my timesheets. Love it!

Your timesheet, holiday and employee well-being tracking management app. Maintain timesheets, add Niko Niko statuses, manage holiday and leave requests.

Timesheet, holiday and employee well-being management app

Tempion (noun) - derived from the Latin noun 'tempus' which means 'time'.

Manage and update timesheets, handle holiday and leave requests, and keep track of your employees' well-being thanks to their daily Niko Niko status update. Use the QR code scanning to start/stop working or adding a topic to your timesheets.


There is a Tempion app for desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone (Android & iOS).

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