Not only for tech companies

Technology and software development companies have a long-standing experience with quality management and testing. They use specific processes and techniques to aim for the highest quality. Techniques and processes that are of use as well for non-tech companies.

Testcasion is a software tool that provides a structure to enable and support these techniques and processes.

‘Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.’ (quote of John Ruskin, English writer and philosopher) and Testcasion facilitates in achieving this result.

Define and create test cases

Define and create test cases in a structured way. Describe what needs to be tested, outline the different steps of the testing process, select the type of testing, clarify the environment and conditions in which the testing needs to be performed, assign the testers and provide a description of the expected result.

Ah, and interesting to know is that you can create test case templates as well, so you can re-use these templates or use them as starting point in creating similar test cases.

Group test cases in test suites

Group several test cases in so-called test suites. Create test suites for all kinds of quality management and testing, like e.g. security, performance, regression, localisation, …

Re-use already created test suites for similar testing processes.

Plan, execute and validate

Create a test plan with all required information to perform your quality management process and testing. Define the date of the testing, the project lead, the test lead and the testing validators. Add the required documentation and guidelines, select the test cases and test suites that needs to be executed.

And once executed, validate or add feedback in case of a negative result.


A spotlight on some features!

The Lienion apps come with lots of exciting features. Let's put the spotlights on some of them!

Feature in the spotlight
Define the detailed steps of a test case in Testcasion

You want to be sure that a test case is executed exactly like you want it? Define the detailed steps that should be followed when executing the test case.

Feature in the spotlight
Link a test case to a todo with Testcasion

You created a test case and you want it to be used for a specific todo? Link in Testcasion the test case to the todo that needs to be checked or tested.

Feature in the spotlight
Add the expected result of a test case in Testcasion

When testing the quality, it is crucial to know what the expected quality or the expected result of the testing should be. Add the expected result to your test case, so it is clear what the expected quality should be.

Features loved by our customers

We asked our customers which Lienion feature they prefer and like the most.

Features or apps loved by our users
Creating a test case in Testcasion
Samesh A, junior test engineer

Creating a test case in Testcasion is one of my favourite features.

Yes I know, this might be a silly favourite feature, but as a junior test engineer this feature really helps me creating proper test cases. The clear structure and the information that needs to be added ensure that I do not forget anything.

Features or apps loved by our users
The test suite templates in Testcasion
Isabella N, testing and quality manager

My favourite Lienion feature? The test suite templates in Testcasion.

I am a testing and quality manager and I need to handle several quality tests every week. We created in our company several test suite templates. And when I prepare a quality test, I mostly start from one of these pre-made test suite templates, saving me lots of time.

Features or apps loved by our users
The test plan overview in Testcasion
Mikolaj P, senior test lead

One of my favourite Lienion features is the test plan overview in Testcasion.

As a senior test lead of a software development company, I am responsible for the testing of several development projects. With the test plan overview of Testcasion I get a clear overview of the status of each ongoing or executed test plan.

Your testing and quality monitoring and management app. Structure and track your testing, manage and monitor your quality.

Testing & quality management and monitoring

Testcasion (noun) - derived from the English noun 'test case' which means ‘a set of actions performed to determine if the behaviour of a product or a service function correctly according to the desired quality'.

Define and create test cases, execute them and gather all test results in one central location. Group test cases in test suites and make test suite templates for all kinds of test and quality activities. Get control of your test and quality management with Testcasion.


There is a Testcasion app for desktop and laptop.

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