Tempion is the Lienion cloud based app for timesheet management and holiday request processing. With Tempion you can add and manage your timesheets, you can centrally manage your company and national holidays, your employees can request their holidays in Tempion and their managers can approve the holiday requests.

Add your timesheets in a simple and user friendly user interface in Tempion. When you also use Todosion or Releasion, you can even link the todo or the release you have been working on to your timesheet. A perfect way to save time when completing your timesheets.

With the email update feature of Tempion you can automatically inform employees when they still need to complete timesheets or inform the work reporting manager that timesheets have (not) been added.

The extensive reporting tool of Tempion allows you to extract interesting reports of the time spent in your company. Always be on top of what is happening time wise in your company with Tempion.


Having a clear overview of the time spent in your company is key, but let's not forget the importance of taking a break once and a while. Tempion also comes with a well-structured flow to handle holiday requests.

Add and manage centrally with Tempion your company or national holidays. When you have offices in several countries, you can add company or national holidays per country. Once a company or national holiday is added to Tempion, it automatically appears in all timesheets.

And when you combine Tempion with Shoution, you can ask Tempion to automatically inform your customers and staff of an upcoming national holiday. A very handy way to tell your customers that your office will be closed on a specific day.

The holiday request and approval flow of Tempion allows your employees to request a holiday for half a day, one day or multiple days. Once a holiday is requested, Tempion will automatically inform the person that needs to approve or disapprove the holiday. Is the holiday not approved, the applicant will be informed automatically. And when the holiday is approved, the holiday will automatically appear in the timesheets!






> Add timesheets <

> Manage timesheets <

> Add the todo you have been working on to your timesheet <

> Select the release you have been working when completing your timesheet <

> Extract reports of time spent in your company <

> Automatically inform the employee when a time sheet is not completed <

> Automatically inform selected staff members when a timesheet has been added <

> Add your company and national holidays (per country) <

> Manage your company and national holidays <

> Request a holiday of half a day, one day or multiple days <

> Automatically inform the person that should approve or disapprove a holiday request <

> Approve holiday requests <

> Disapprove holiday request <

> Inform why a holiday request has not been approved <

> Automatically inform your customers of an upcoming company or national holiday via Shoution <

> Extremely easy to use <

> Centrally managed access rights <

> Secure and confidential environment <

> Combine with other Lienion apps like Shoution, Todosion, Releasion, ... <






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