Sequencion is the Lienion cloud based app for standardizing, managing and controlling your company processes and repetitive tasks. With Sequencion you can turn any kind of process in step by step sequences and follow-up and manage them in a clear and transparent checklist. 

With Sequencion you avoid that your staff reinvents the wheel each time when a process needs to be followed. Instead of starting from scratch, you simply select the sequence for your process and automatically all the steps that need to be executed are listed in a very user friendly checklist overview. 

You can create template sequences / checklists which can be re-used or you can immediately create a custom made sequence / checklist. For each step of your sequence you can define one or more persons that will be requested to validate the step after execution. Add documents, links or other content to a step of a sequence so all stakeholders can check themselves if they want to validate the step or not.

And if you are looking for weekly or monthly feedback on the progress of your sequence, simply assign one or more sequence-stakeholders as feedback person of your sequence and on a defined moment they will be requested to give feedback on specific by you defined topics with a green, orange or red smiley :)
Last but important detail: with Sequencion you're not only increasing your process efficiency and transparency towards your stakeholders but also securing your company's process knowledge. Even when someone gets sick or changes jobs, the process knowledge is available in a sequence.   






> Standardize, manage and control your company processes <

> Create a step by step sequence / checklist for every process <

> Put repetitive tasks in clear step by step  sequences / checklists <

> Create template sequences / checklists <

> Create custom made sequences / checklists <

> Bring transparency in your company processes <

> Involve your process stakeholders <

> Define one or more validators for each step of your sequence <

> Validate each step of your sequence <

> Add documents, links or other content to a sequence step <

> Assign feedback-persons for your sequence <

> Get feedback on sequences in execution <

> Stop reinventing the wheel in your process execution <

> Secure your company's process knowledge <

> Extremely easy to use <

> Centrally managed access rights <

> Secure and confidential environment <






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