Shoution is the social network cloud based app of Lienion.  Shoution is not just a social network, it is a dedicated social network for your company, institution, administration or organisation. Shoution combines the flexibility and easiness of use of common social networks with the requirements and demands of a professional environment like e.g. confidentiality, control, asset protection, access rights, ... 

Create teams and groups and start sharing, communicating and collaborating with your colleagues, customers, stakeholders ...  You can shout messages to one team, several teams, individual persons, groups, ... You can share documents, hyperlinks, videos, ... . You can like content or you can comment it.  You can start discussions with your colleagues and so much more. You can also launch polls to check the opinion of your users, organise quizzes to test the knowledge of your colleagues and set-up competitions between teams. Absolutely unique is the 'Company hierarchy' - feature for defining and protecting access rights.






> Create teams and groups <

> Share documents, videos & hyperlinks <

> Shout all kind of information <

> Collaborate with colleagues, customers and stakeholders <

> Like or comment messages and shouts <

> Manage your internal branding and communication <

> Organise polls <

> Set-up quizzes <

> Launch and follow-up team competitions <

> Extremely easy to use <

> Advanced search functionality <

> Notifications and real time updates <

> Centrally managed message board <

> Centrally managed access rights <

> Secure and confidential environment <

> Combine with other Lienion apps like Tempion, Todosion, Releasion, ... <






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