Releasion is the Lienion cloud based app for organising, managing and controlling your projects and releases. You can organise your projects and releases following the Agile/Scrum methodology or opt for the more classical waterfall way. 

With Releasion you can group several todos, tasks or stories into a release (project). Each release (project) appears in a well structured and clear overview allowing you to follow-up, control and manage all the todos, tasks or stories of your release (project) in a comfortable way. 

Update your todos or add feedback to a todo directly in the Releasion overview. And when you want to check the status of your release (project), simply consult the attractive pie or bar charts. Release (project) finalized? Create with one click the release notes.

When you decided to use Releasion the Agile/Scrum way, you can even create sprints, manage your backlog, check the burndown chart, use the scrum board and so much more. 

Releasion is the only Lienion app that cannot be used as a stand-alone app, but should be used in combination with Todosion. 






> Group todos, tasks or stories in a release or a project <

> Organise, manage and control your releases/projects <

> Use the Agile / Scrum methodology <

> Follow the waterfall methodology <

> Follow-up your releases (projects) in a clear and well structured overview <

> Follow-up your sprint in the scrum board <

> Manage your scrum board with drag and drop <

> Create and manage sprints <

> Manage your backlog <

> Update your todos, tasks and stories directly in the release overview <

> Add feedack to a todo, task or story directly in the release overview <

> Add special feedback to a todo, task or story directly in the release overview <

> Check the status of your release (project) in a burndown chart <

> Check the status of your release (project) in a pie or bar chart <

> Create release notes with one click <

> Add release guidelines to a release (project) <

> Extremely easy to use <

> Use together with Todosion <

> Centrally managed access rights <

> Secure and confidential environment <






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